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Trash, put your stuff here!

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Author Post
Sun Nov 10 2019, 05:47PM
Registered Member #13362
Joined: Wed Aug 17 2016, 09:51AM
Posts: 43
Reading through what y'all are going through is mind-boggling and my heart goes out to you ("trash" shouldn't be a life stressor of this degree).

And everyone on the westerly end of the mountain who has Burrtec and complains so bitterly about them needs to read this thread and show some gratitude that we get five times the service for a little over half the price.
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Mon Nov 11 2019, 06:59AM
Registered Member #51776
Joined: Wed Mar 27 2019, 03:41PM
Posts: 59
What am I supposed to do with all the bags of pine needles I gather? I fill up at least fifty (50), 55 gallons yard bags per year. Buy a truck and trailer to haul them to the dump? BBCSD provides no yard waste bins like other communities do. Who are the geniuses at BBCSD who thought out the ramifications of their authoritarian decision. I say vote each one of them out of their tyrannical authority next election cycle. I'm also tired of the Grizzly telling me to get used to this change.
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Mon Nov 11 2019, 09:00AM

Registered Member #42113
Joined: Tue Jan 29 2019, 08:25AM
Posts: 292
Perhaps editor of the grizzly is chums with the person at CSD who made this decision, so feels forced to take an incorrect stance to not lose a close friend, because there is ZERO rational explanation available for being able to defend a drastic reduction in service(with already visible negative effect), WITHOUT commensirate tax reduction.

When we lived in Bigfork Montana, there was no door trash service, we had to bring everything to county trash pickup area where they had different bins for differemt items.

This was due to winter conditions making it impossible for trash trucks to get around.

Big Bear is different, but I don't understand how through accepted trash service norms that CSD had for the last decades that included ash and pine needle/yard debris to be suddenly cut off, and they have the blatant nerve to literally cut trash service in half, and tell us that there has been no reduction in service, so suck it. Yet now drive through any neighborhood and you see lots of houses with bags of yard and green waste that is being ignored, which used to be covered by our taxes, and that we cannot refuse to pay.

I think ssomeone should post the names of the people who made this decision so they can be held accountable. In the old colonial days, these were exactly the people who used to be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

People in power hiding behind govt protections continuing to do things patently wrong are people I do not like.
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Mon Nov 11 2019, 11:21AM

Registered Member #13
Joined: Mon Sep 25 2006, 08:14PM
Posts: 3199
We are fortunate enough to have a good friend that has allowed us to use his dump truck. We had 13 acres to clear!
Let me tell you what happened to us. We used to board horses on our back 10 acres. We payed to have trash pick up on those acres. Yes it went on our tax bill. When I called CSD to request another trash bin, they said no you can’t have one! Hubby went to CSD with our tax bill and basically said WTF we are paying for it! The lady said Oh I guess you are! Karma it will eventually get them!
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Sat Nov 16 2019, 11:22AM
Registered Member #51776
Joined: Wed Mar 27 2019, 03:41PM
Posts: 59
A lot of good points made here on this forum about the ongoing issues caused by the reduction of trash services by BBCSD. Yes, I definitely would like the names of the district representatives responsible for this. After thinking about how BBCSD no longer picks up bags of pine needles, I will need to purchase a pickup truck and trailer to take my yard refuse to the transfer station. Because I'm already being forced to go there, why not take my regular trash on the same trip? This leads me to think of a great idea: How about putting a County Measure on the local ballot to eliminate the mandatory trash charge on our property taxes and make BBCSD trash pickup an optional service? I think we can get lots and lots of support for this!
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Sat Nov 16 2019, 10:10PM

wanna be UTH
Registered Member #4616
Joined: Sat Jul 28 2012, 04:37PM
Posts: 2423
Here are the representatives for Big Bear City CSD

[Click Here]

Agenda for the 11/18/19 meeting

[Click Here],

A smile is a curve that can set things a lot of things straight
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Wed Nov 20 2019, 08:46AM

Registered Member #97504
Joined: Thu Nov 07 2019, 07:32AM
Posts: 29
Someone mentioned this in chatbox and I agree 100%. The blue recycling can should be bigger and have wheels. We were already recycling a lot but now with the ONE house/yard trash can (Boo!) we try even harder to recycle what we can. And that blue can gets pretty heavy to drag out. Just this week I was wishing it had wheels! We rinse and dry everything recyclable we can and if it's gross we wash after we've done dishes, with the leftover soapy water. Not that hard and it sure makes more room in the other can. I can't even imagine how many bottles, cans, boxes and so on we will have after the Thanksgiving holiday. If they want us to recycle then they need to make it easier. Also a more comprehensive list of what can and can't be recycled should be a no brainer. I even called and asked about a few items in question and the woman who worked there didn't know.
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Airport Razz
Wed Nov 20 2019, 11:55AM
Registered Member #7434
Joined: Tue Feb 12 2013, 10:07PM
Posts: 566
Recyclable list per San Bernardino County
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Wed Nov 20 2019, 05:01PM

Registered Member #97
Joined: Sun Oct 29 2006, 04:32PM
Posts: 948
Airport Razz wrote ...

Recyclable list per San Bernardino County

Thanks for that list, Airport Razz,

Can anyone tell me... Why are soiled napkins and paper plates not recyclable? Sure news to me!
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Airport Razz
Wed Nov 20 2019, 05:22PM
Registered Member #7434
Joined: Tue Feb 12 2013, 10:07PM
Posts: 566
Food containers are supposed to be fairly clean so tin cans and milk bottles should be rinsed out before being placed in blue can. It is figured that you can't really rinse off a used napkin or paper plate and the food debris would cause problems at the recycling plants.
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Oct 21 : 08:09pm
Me too, Sportj. I just received this text. "Your ballot for the 2020 General Election was received and will be counted. Thank you for voting!".

Oct 21 : 07:46pm
I got a text that my ballot was counted! Wahoo! So anyone else who is waiting (after using the drop boxes) it took exactly one week.

Oct 21 : 04:42pm
MtnTeach - the ballot boxes aren’t third party. They are official county elections office drop boxes.

Oct 21 : 04:12pm
Dropped off mines directly at the post office, don't need a 3rd party. Ballottrax worked fine for me!

Oct 21 : 04:09pm
7:30 a.m. Tues - given to mail lady at Crestline Post Office
8:02 a.m. Wed - notified by ballottrax that my ballot had been received by USPS
1:16 p.m. Wed - notified my ballot had been received by SB Registrar of Voters

USPS worked fine!

Humble Daisy
Oct 21 : 03:46pm
I dropped my ballot in the dropbox at the Crestline library a couple of weeks ago, it took about a week for ballot tracker to notify me that my ballot had been received and counted.

Airport Razz
Oct 21 : 03:41pm
Yes, I was so politely informed by the Big Bear Postmaster that putting anything in the box outside is no guarantee it will get processed. They even tried to extend that non-responsibility to the box inside the PO. So basically he was telling me my mail no matter where I put it, will maybe get delivered, depending on how the post office feels that day. Amazing.

Oct 21 : 03:40pm
USFS: Volunteers this past Saturday covered 488 graffiti tags, took out 5 illegal campfire rings and removed 187 pounds of trash along Deep Creek and Hesperia Falls.

The forest partnered with the @MojaveDesertLT and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Great work volunteers! 🤝 [Click Here]

Oct 21 : 03:40pm
Sport, I believe the only couple I asked said 4 days but I'll text them and ask again. All were impressed with the tracking service.

Oct 21 : 03:27pm
I dod, however, use the indoor drop at the Post Office rather than an outside box.

Oct 21 : 03:24pm
Official Absentee ballot instructs us to go to I dropped mine on 10/17, it was received at the SB County registrar on 10/20.

Oct 21 : 03:19pm
Casadelgado - Did they say how long it took for them to show up as received?

Oct 21 : 03:19pm
Dave - ha ha I don't know why I assumed you dropped them off last Monday! Keep me posted if yours is updated any time soon.

Oct 21 : 02:14pm
We have 3 friends who used the drop box at the Library and they all have been received by the tracking. Dropping ours off tomorrow.

Oct 21 : 01:32pm
We mailed our ballots and got confirmation that they are where they need to be

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