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7 hour(s) ago
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7 hour(s) ago
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I just want to say I’ve been following this site for many years and I’m grateful to all of you for your informative and often times humorous responses. We could not have survived our many trips up to Big Bear without you. And now that we have a cabin in Big Bear, I feel like I have family😊. Thanks for being there. Have a wonderful holiday❤️

15 hour(s) ago
Have a great day from all of us at SCM!

21 hour(s) ago
The BIG BEAR LAKE LEVEL remained the same as last week.
Details and 12-month Graph: [Click Here]

23 hour(s) ago
Well Doo, we et them and three hours later we weren't going anywhere, it exited morning of day three, just sayin'...

23 hour(s) ago
Don't you steal him...

23 hour(s) ago
Two extra tacos were in the bag.
Nah, the shoulder pug was a funny thing. Another customer even kept him busy for a spell.

23 hour(s) ago
I get fast food like once a year, seriously.

And you tell me I'll get Montezuma'z revenge? Off a Chx sammy.

Doubt it.

24 hour(s) ago
yeah, but this one's free. Good warning ⚠️
I'll pan fry the patty. Got the dbl burger w/dbl fries
Dogs ate half the burg in the parking lot.

1 day(s) ago
AR ,there used to be equakes tab in alerts. Bensweather site has tabs for a lot of info.

1 day(s) ago
2 weeks ago the cluck sandwich at jack got us sick for 3 days, proceed at your own risk...

1 day(s) ago
...just less taco Tuesday at azteca

1 day(s) ago
I was already at Butcher's

1 day(s) ago
Nom nom

1 day(s) ago
Free Chx sandwich at Jack n the Box through T-Mobile's Tuesday deals.

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