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Professional Guitar Lessons Available

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Fri Apr 19 2019, 09:46AM Email Thread Print View

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NOTE: Currently accepting guitar students for Spring/Summer professional/private guitar lessons. Located in San Bernardino Mountains. Email me if interested at ultraguitarmethod1© You will receive a complete course agenda along with pricing information.

Must have a very good mechanical facility and at least 1-3 years of hard playing experience. beginners.

From The Author:

Dear Guitarist, Musician, and/or Music Lover:

Ultra Guitar Method is designed to place years of professional playing experience under your fingers in a very short amount of time thus, placing you light years ahead of your competition.

All theoretical, technical, mechanical, and application principles contained in the method are designed exclusively for the guitar. Learning is made exciting and fun.

Make no mistake about it; if your goal is to understand the entire guitar fingerboard and experience an incredible new mechanical and theoretical freedom as a guitar player, then Ultra Guitar Method is an absolute must for you.

Ultra Guitar Method is presented step-by-step, volume-by-volume:

Volume four: ARPEGGIOS

…and lesson-by-lesson in order to ensure that each student obtains a complete understanding of all essential theoretical principles contained in the method.

Ultra Guitar Method presents a complete story. The method has a beginning, middle and ending. No more feeling left up-in-the-air, not knowing how, where or what to do next. Further, this method can save the practicing guitarist thousands of dollars in professional guitar lessons while allowing the student to progress at his/her own pace.

While others are losing valuable time on the standard old books of C, F and G or the Blistered Twisters book or video of how to demolish your audience by blowing up your amplifier, this is your opportunity to step directly into the future with a guitar method that is as flexible as your own personality and as vast as your imagination will allow.

Whether you are a working guitarist, or an individual with just the desire to learn how to play and improvise on the guitar, I strongly recommend that you order a volume of Ultra Guitar Method today or sign up today for amazing private lessons.

Please note that Ultra Guitar Method is not recommended for the absolute beginner. It is strongly suggested that one have at least one, two, or even three years of playing experience before entering the Ultra Guitar Method program.

Finally, like anything else in life, there is no magic wand that will miraculously lead one to success without knowledge, hard work and a burning desire to achieve a specific result. In other words, study and practice hard and you will most definitely excel beyond your own expectations.

By studying Ultra Guitar Method, you will not only obtain a rare understanding of the guitar, but you will also gain an extraordinary overall understanding of music in general (arrangements, production, recording, composition, etc.).

Thank you for taking this opportunity to gain a unique and amazing new awareness of the guitar.

Michael E. Fletcher (AKA) Silky Walker
Author, Composer, Guitarist, Instructor
(714) 559-1137

Michael Fletcher
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Aug 21 : 10:11pm
In The Grizzly, According to the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, microcystis (blue green algae) releases a toxin into the water when its cells die. Ingestion of water or algae containing microcystin can create health problems for fish, dogs, cats, livestock and people.
Please watch your furry friends.

Benny ⭐
Aug 21 : 05:59pm
You bet!

Aug 21 : 05:17pm
I'm glad I checked. I would not have been happy to have driven there from RS at 5:30am... Guess I'll do this one next week.

Benny ⭐
Aug 21 : 05:12pm
Yeah that's not going to work, that's where they're filming... Unless you hoofed it around on the backside (south) side of the ridge to steer clear of the area. The helicopter will be doing touch and go's in that area.

Aug 21 : 04:58pm
Hmmm. The ridge route (2N21) was what I had planned. I'm not heading to Sugarloaf - I wanted to go to Sugarlump - which I think may also be known as Bear Peak. USGS calls it Sugarlump.

Benny ⭐
Aug 21 : 04:38pm
No, the only traffic control is for the repaving project down on Moonridge for the new Zoo. But if you're going to Sugarloaf and parking via 2N10, you cannot get through. All the filming is taking place across our ridge route, from Chair 9 over to Bear Peak, so you can't cross over the Bear Mtn Property from that direction. You'd need to hike up from the Moonridge/Lassen side or go park off Hwy 38.

Aug 21 : 04:04pm
Thanks Benny. So, no traffic control up to the trailhead at the end of Club View for parking?

Benny ⭐
Aug 21 : 03:54pm
You're fine bildo, the shoot is taking place on Bear Mtn's property. The helicopter isn't here yet, you're probably just seeing the tour chopper. There's a Blackhawk coming in for the filming, probably tomorrow through the weekend.

Aug 21 : 03:33pm
Hi all - was planning a hike tomorrow morning to Sugarlump Peak, starting at end of Club View. Will this be a problem due to movie shoot? Planned start 6am.

Aug 21 : 02:38pm
We are thinning out our LOTS of our purple iris.
We would to like to find homes for them.
Check out the green thumbs forum for more information.

Aug 21 : 02:34pm
Indeed I missed it. Try to read this every day but sometimes I don't catch things. Getting old.....

Aug 21 : 02:27pm
(Tiny chopper) for aerial footage? Or are they all using drones for that?

Aug 21 : 02:18pm
I thought Homeland was cancelled. There goes a chopper..

Benny ⭐
Aug 21 : 02:17pm
We've been talking about it on here for a while now.... surprised you missed it!

Benny ⭐
Aug 21 : 02:16pm
Yeah wait'll the military helicopters land... then it'll be a party!

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