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Benny ⭐
Dec 02 20: 04:14pm
Not the mountains!
Too funny Razz....

Dec 02 20: 03:42pm
Except BBL has more trees than AFG.

Airport Razz
Dec 02 20: 03:38pm
No landing practice today. Pictures still hanging on the walls

Benny ⭐
Dec 02 20: 03:35pm
The Marine's from 29-palms have been using our area as training grounds for decades. Our terrain is similar to that of Afghanistan's, so they fly around the area regularly. SCM Robot was being sarcastic, it's pretty awesome to see if you ask me!

Dec 02 20: 03:32pm
SCM, more likely someone who grew up in/coming up to BBL area using known landmarks for low-level flight training. Yes, this is the voice of experience talking. "Looking for fires" might be good justification on the flight paperwork...

Dec 02 20: 02:38pm
At maybe 10's of thousands of dollars per day (?) use, I hope they are just training.

10:1 was the max. Industrial/land & some air products, were lower, 4:1 to 6:1 respectively, if I remember correctly. Highest burst qual I ran was well into 30K PSIA(G).

Dec 02 20: 12:53pm
@Doo - Probably out looking for fires....

Dec 02 20: 12:37pm
Active Osprey, 3rd pass.

Dec 02 20: 12:36pm
That Osprey came from the North this time, slow near horizontal blades. Heading back, came closer & props at vert, hauling butt.

mountainart, in aerospace our burst manifold ratings were 10:1 from operating pressure. QA and Engineering would always come down to see. Not cuz they were needed, but it was fun!

Dec 02 20: 11:35am
Aceribo designed at beginning of CAD engineering calcs use, overreliance on cutting safety margins too thin, and not calculating poor maintenance of cabling under repeated bending through azimuth actuators. Equals cabling strength not up to expected service parameters. Couple in oxidation/rust crystallizing cabling strand interior due to poor upkeep of moisture proofing on cables led to failure.

Just my assessment based on the evidence I have been reading up on. Old school steel cabling safety margins, like used on our turn of the century legacy suspension bridges should have been used.

Again, just by opinion, and how I safety margin structures I build(see cabin build thread for example in general discussions to see my ridiculous over engineering)

Dec 02 20: 10:49am
I believe the shelter takes stray cats. Call them 909-866-4943.

If you place it with someone else, you need to first keep it for 2 weeks and place a Found ad in the Grizzly newspaper.

Dec 02 20: 10:43am
Hehe, yeah old tech.
Space junk: wiki - "Although most debris burns up in the atmosphere, larger debris objects can reach the ground intact. According to NASA, an average of one cataloged piece of debris has fallen back to Earth each day for the past 50 years."
I did not know every day, wow.

Polar 🌌rbit
Dec 02 20: 09:49am
I bet Carl Sagan is orbiting in his grave.

Dec 02 20: 08:39am
RE: Stray cats, Say, someone(!lol) has an adorable stray cat coming around for handouts everyday. It looks like part American Shorthair and part Munchin, obviously homeless, bashlful, with a pitifully cute little meow. What if someone were to trap it in a Havahart trap. Where could they take it? It has been a stray for years I think but has more recently adopted said person.

Arrowbear Rider
Dec 02 20: 08:03am
doo, does the increase in space satellites & telescopes over the years have anything to do with it just not being worth the money to bring back to life?

It said the university was responsible for maintaining it, so did the main cables & such just run out the life cycle of those parts?

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