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Sun Diego
1 hour(s) ago
Thank you

2 hour(s) ago
As you mentioned, you should always carry as required by law, but you know the rules. That said, no, you should not need them at noon on Monday. Not sure the conditions of Jenks, I assume it's plowed. Be safe!

Sun Diego
3 hour(s) ago
I am coming up to Jenks Lake Camp La Verne Friday. How is Jenks Lake road? Will I need chains?

Also Benny, WIll I need chains Monday noon?

I know, its better to have them and not need them than to get into a spot where I would give anything to have them, so I will carry them.


4 hour(s) ago
Yucaipa Man Arrested for Numerous Thefts After Being Caught on Ring Camera [Click Here]
[Click Here]

17 hour(s) ago
Have a great day from all of us at SCM!

20 hour(s) ago
Moving east to west. Likely s plane but moving faster and brighter than most.

20 hour(s) ago
What is the streak in the east, moving quickly?

Benny ⭐
20 hour(s) ago
Did you get your ice skates out there doo???

21 hour(s) ago
No change to the BIG BEAR LAKE LEVEL this week.
Full Details: [Click Here]

1 day(s) ago
Today, #SBCoFDs #OldCajon Hand Crew is working on a fuel reduction project along the San Timoteo flood control channel. The joint project with @SBCoPublicWorks will help protect residents from wildland fire and flooding.

Prepare your property now 👉 [Click Here] https://t

1 day(s) ago
Too blurry nm.

1 day(s) ago
Wind is at well below 10 mph.

1 day(s) ago
hehe, AOF-doo.

Baldwin Lake is melting off in places. [Click Here]
There's what looks like a cootsickle stuck to the right.

1 day(s) ago
Doo I went thru those potholes last week, some BOZO was tailgating me and hit some as I swerved. "Sorry officer I'm not drunk I'm just avoiding the potholes".

1 day(s) ago
I just drove BB Blvd, haha
They had a backhoe front bucket filled w/asphalt last week...
Maybe they filled 3 total, possibly the 6 incher deep holes only.
I've been taking N Shore lately, so I didn't know.

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