Fox Farm locations
RichardG, Wed Sep 09 2020, 11:01PM

Has anyone seen a map showing the locations of all the fox farms?

Re: Fox Farm locations
Jilly, Fri Sep 18 2020, 10:15AM

I've never seen an actual map of all the fox farms. But when I was a kid my family had a cabin on Alta Vista Ave. Behind us (to the north) was a big undeveloped area that had some kind of Girl Scout camp, and walking through that area we would trip on remnants of cages and chicken wire all the time. This would be in the general Fox Farm / McAllister area, around where Eidelweiss street is now.

Re: Fox Farm locations
Jilly, Fri Sep 18 2020, 10:26AM

[Click Here]

Re: Fox Farm locations
Rumor Mill, Sat Sep 19 2020, 11:11AM

Linda McDougald has an account on here on her they had a fox farm, Here brother was a building inspector in the early 70s Jerry
Try to
PM here Linda McDougald

Re: Fox Farm locations
holeinbow, Sat Sep 19 2020, 11:57AM

Locations where you can see remnants are out switzerland east of summit, look for the observation towers, where you see those you can also see the old cages. Other place im aware of is just east of hunters nursery...