Lone Perseid
Shibbergish, Thu Aug 13 2020, 06:35PM

Over two hours out in the coolness of the night, staring up at the sky and periodically tripping the shutter, yielded over fifty images, but only one Perseid captured in the corner of one frame. Somehow they know when the shutter is open, appearing only when it is not. Another year, another typical Perseid failure.

Re: Lone Perseid
MtMan, Thu Aug 13 2020, 07:30PM

I saw 4 within 20 minutes, around 11:30 last night. Yes, did but love to be outside and looking at the sky.

Re: Lone Perseid
Squatch, Thu Aug 13 2020, 07:46PM

Amazing pic, going to have to check it out...