Tenaja (Murrieta) fire
HBadger, Thu Sep 05 2019, 06:31AM

My son lives 4 blocks away from the Tenaja Fire. This photo is from last night around 9pm.

Re: Tenaja (Murrieta) fire
Juliann, Thu Sep 05 2019, 06:56AM

Pretty scary! There’s been some evacuations... was he? My 82 year old brother lives off of Clinton Keith Rd though on east side of 15 freeway. News certainly got my attention when they were talking about Clinton Keith rd in fire updates!! Waiting for the morning updates of this fire.

Re: Tenaja (Murrieta) fire
HBadger, Thu Sep 05 2019, 07:12AM

1400 acres, 7% contained as of 7a.m. this morning.

Re: Tenaja (Murrieta) fire
MrOwl, Thu Sep 05 2019, 10:09AM

HBadger that is too close. I just checked in with a friend but he is across the freeway so a bit farther.

Hi is off Clinton Keith as well.

Re: Tenaja (Murrieta) fire
Craig ⭐, Wed Sep 11 2019, 09:21PM

That is scary Badger... I hope all is well with your son. Not as much containment as I was expecting. God speed to the firefighters!