Peter Pan Drive In
GWTWTOO, Mon Jul 08 2019, 10:19PM

Can anyone tell me exactly where this drive in was vis-a-vis what's there now? I would really appreciate it! Does anyone have any photos? I don't seem to be able to locate anywhere. Thanks,

Re: Peter Pan Drive In
Doug G, Wed Jul 10 2019, 01:28PM

The drive-was located in what is now the east end of the airport. We lived on Sierra off Greenway in the 50's. The drive-in would let us kids haul over a sleeping bag and walk-in, and the first row or two of speaker kiosks were pretty much reserved for the small-fry walk-in crowd. I watched a few movies there as a kid.

Re: Peter Pan Drive In
Shibbergish, Wed Jul 10 2019, 06:51PM

This awful, fuzzy picture is alleged to have been taken in 1958. The view is looking south from, roughly, the corner of Greenway and Arbor. The Drive-in screen is right in the middle of the picture.

While it was in operation, the Drive-in was bounded on the north by Meadow Lane, the east by Greenway and the west by Sawmill (long gone -- sucked into the County Airport Black Hole). On the south was a little dirt road connecting Greeway with Sawmill. Further south was a drainage channel, then the Peter Pan swimming pool, Lodge and tennis courts. The drive-in is all gone now, paved over and turned into the taxiway and run-up area for runway 26.

Re: Peter Pan Drive In
GWTWTOO, Wed Jul 10 2019, 08:33PM

Wow! Thank you! I so thankful to have any photo of it!

Re: Peter Pan Drive In
Socalman, Thu Jul 25 2019, 07:38AM

In the early 60's I would grab a blanket and walk down the street with a couple of local residents and we would sneak through a hole in the west fence and watch the movies. One summer we were there so much we saw every weekly showing for about 6 or 7 weeks.