Horseshoes for tossing
Ruffin It, Wed Jun 12 2019, 11:39AM

Selling off some extra horseshoes, the kind you throw for a game.
Most of what I have are vintage USA made ones. One set is unmarked, though.

Selling sets for $4 to $12 depending on the set, and the sets come with the stakes.
I've also got some single horseshoes for 50 cents each.

Located in Sugarloaf, next to Big Bear City up in the Big Bear lake area.
Hit me up!


Re: Horseshoes for tossing
Ruffin It, Sat Jun 15 2019, 12:49PM

Sold the $12 set.
Giving the rest to the thrift store in Big Bear City on the SOUTH side of the blvd (with the big white truck that simply says, "thrift store". If you need a set, check there.