Reflective mylar film for grow booths, etc.
Ruffin It, Wed Jun 12 2019, 11:38AM

Up for sale are a few rolls of reflective film, the type used in grow booths, etc. (Or whatever else you might want it for).
These rolls are marked 54" x 100 feet.
I have 4 never-used rolls, and 2 half-rolls.
1st couple feet of each of the half-rolls might be a little tattered/wrinkled but otherwise these should be fine.
$20 for ALL of it... much, much less than Amazon!

Amazon wants $31 for one single roll of 48" x 100', so I'm thinking what I have here would be the equivalent of about $155 there... for 48" (mine is 54" though)
Will sell ALL 6 rolls I have here in one shot for 20 lousy bucks... should be a real good deal even if you need to drive to meet me. Located in Sugarloaf.
Hit me up!