Pie Shop?
BootsNBridles, Tue Jun 04 2019, 10:11PM

Looks like a pie shop might be going in to Madlon's place? anyone have any info?

Re: Pie Shop?
HazMatMind, Wed Oct 02 2019, 03:36PM

Yesterday, they were sold out. Ordered an apple and got a call today that it was ready. Delicious. Huge. Awesome crust.
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Re: Pie Shop?
Deeliteful, Thu Oct 03 2019, 04:13PM

HazMat, where did you get their menu? It's not on their website, so wondering...

Re: Pie Shop?
HazMatMind, Thu Oct 03 2019, 04:53PM

Didn't get a menu. Wish they would put one on their website. Maybe they have a handout if you walk in -- I forgot to ask. They are going to be doing some savory pies as well.

Re: Pie Shop?
cricket, Thu Oct 17 2019, 12:45PM

Been over there twice now, and both times they were closed .

Re: Pie Shop?
Tlingit, Fri Oct 25 2019, 05:07PM

Wife said sold out and expensive pies...

Re: Pie Shop?
BBL n 805, Fri Oct 25 2019, 07:59PM

We caught “Pickles Pie Shop” open and in operation today (a Friday) about 1:00.

I think the former restaurant was “Madlon’s”, the pie shop version of the restaurant interior looks pretty much the same as I remember it. Maybe 8 or 10 booths and now adding a smallish refrigerated bakery display case.

They had a chalk menu board with about five choices of pies that I remember, Dutch Apple, a Double Crust Apple, Coconut Cream, a Carmel Infused Pumpkin and Rocky Road, which sort of sounded like a ‘Smore sort of mix of ingredients.

Whole pies were $23, slices $5.

We tried slices of the Carmel Pumpkin and the Coconut Cream.

Both were truly exceptional served with real whipped cream.

They also had a line up of coffee, lattes, etc.

They said they plan to add more items, savory hand pies etc. once they are all staffed up and everyone is trained.

Cute, quirky spot and good pies. I wish them the best.

Re: Pie Shop?
BurroBurrow, Fri Nov 08 2019, 12:04PM

Stopped by Pickles Pie Shop and had a piece of caramel pumpkin pie and a cup of Dark Horse coffee. Both were very good. Not many people sitting in the place but there was a steady stream of folks dropping in to pick up a slice of pie to go or picking up whole pies. The slice and coffee seemed reasonable but yes, the whole pies are higher priced than some chains but then they are not making money selling other food items, booze and so on. Cute place, nice people and I would go back to try another kind of pie. I'm hoping they add the savory pies soon. Just my two cents but I think they got a little ahead of themselves and didn't realize the interest this would have. They've adjusted their hours a few times already. No info on their website which is frustrating but there is info on their Facebook page. Don't quote me but I think they are closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays? Hours are Thursday through Monday are 7 am to 2 pm? They just seemed a little overworked and understaffed but that just could have been when I was there. Wondering what it's like on the weekends. The place is new so I would give it some time for things to shake out. I always try and give a new place at least 2-3 tries before I decide if it's a keeper. And I feel like Pickles is a keeper.

And yes, it is the old Madlon's location and I still miss their wonderful waffle breakfast with all the amazing toppings. That was always a big hit with out of town guests. Sadly we never got a chance to try their dinner menu which I've heard was terrific.

Re: Pie Shop?
BootsNBridles, Sat Nov 09 2019, 01:35PM

We've tried four times with no luck. Makes us hesitant to even try again. I wish they were better about posting their times and making that info available to potential customers. Those lucky few who have gotten to try it have raved about it.

Re: Pie Shop?
BurroBurrow, Wed Nov 13 2019, 09:29AM

Yes, definitely can be frustrating as besides tweaking their days and hours several times they will also close early if they run out of pies! We were by on a day they should have been open but out of pie already and closed. Weekend day I think? They need a better way to communicate but not sure what that would be. And maybe a bigger, clearer sign out front? I guess if I want some pie I can go to Thelma's? Their Fruits of the Forest pie was very good. We were going to split a piece but after it arrived discovered it had rhubarb in it and SO wouldn't touch it. I like rhubarb so More for me!