Safe site?
Charles, Mon Apr 29 2019, 11:04AM

When I go to the SCM site I get messages saying site is unsafe. - certificate has expired or similar.

With a few extra clicks I can " proceed " but wonder if this is correct or can be fixed or eliminated ???

Re: Safe site?
Craig ⭐, Sun May 05 2019, 10:23AM

Hi Charles! Sorry for the late reply (some how I missed this thread). The SSL certificate for has expired. This is what makes encrypted https:// connections work. Browsers are getting much more vocal regarding SSL certificates due to the increasing amount of fraud related to online banking and other financial sites where encrypted connections are required in order to do business. The risk associated with a non SSL site is completely dependent on the type of data being exchanged between the website and the browser. In the case of a banking site, SSL is absolutely critical as otherwise your bank information could be stolen. In the case of this site, risk is limited as there is no real identity/financial data being exchanged.

So, back to the issue: I am currently working with my provider to renew/upgrade the SSL certificate. It should be back in order next week so that SSL can be utilized once again on SCM.

Thank you for the message!

Re: Safe site?
Craig ⭐, Sun May 12 2019, 03:49PM

Hi Charles and everyone!

The SSL Certificate for has been updated and is now live. This means that if you use https:// instead of http:// then all traffic between your browser and the website is encrypted.