Fire in Palm Springs
Craig ⭐, Wed Apr 10 2019, 06:15PM

I was down in the Desert yesterday and last night and a fire broke out around 10pm in Palm Springs near the Tramway road. The winds were insane so I figured this thing was going to do some damage. Somehow they were able to stop it at 40 acres with no homes lost even though the winds were easily 30-40 mph. Sorry I didn't get very good media from the incident but you get the idea. The fire started just west of Palm Canyon Road and Tramway Road. Very Densely populated with homes.

Re: Fire in Palm Springs
HazMatMind, Wed Apr 10 2019, 07:36PM

Gorgeous, dramatic, terrifying photo. Thanks!

Re: Fire in Palm Springs
SCM ALERT🚨, Wed Apr 10 2019, 08:32PM

Here's a little better photo!

Click to enlARGE

Re: Fire in Palm Springs
SCM ALERT🚨, Wed Apr 10 2019, 08:42PM

A video I took while at the scene of this fire..... You can most certainly tell its windy!

Re: Fire in Palm Springs
BootsNBridles, Mon Apr 15 2019, 09:10AM

What's up with fire in PS? We drove to Palm Desert yesterday. When we were even with where 111 splits off a BIG (approx 12in by 8-10in) burning ember of something landed on the road a couple of cars in front of us!! We swerved around it thankfully. It was gone before we could call 911 to report it! WTH?