BBARC Repeater Outage
Craig ⭐, Sat Jan 19 2019, 05:26PM

FYI - BBARC HAM Repeater Users.
The BBARC repeaters at the top of Bear Peak went down last week during the storm. The club is planning to make a repair trip on Thursday. Backup repeaters until the fix are: 147.225+ 162.2 and 446.400- 162.2

Re: BBARC Repeater Outage
-WINGNUT-, Sat Jan 19 2019, 09:11PM

I wonder if all the equipment is down. I have a transmitter up there for our airport equipment.

Re: BBARC Repeater Outage
SCM ALERT🚨, Sun Jan 20 2019, 09:22PM

Wingnutty, are you having an issue with your equipment??

Re: BBARC Repeater Outage
Tlingit, Sun Oct 27 2019, 07:37AM

Just wondering if anyone has any news of the HAM radio changes in California. Sorry to hijack this thread Craig, but too lazy to start a new one. Heard our Gov. wants to impose fees on anyone using amateur radio.