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Delj, Sun Jul 15 2018, 08:56PM

As they say, any landing you can walk away from was a good landing. If the aircraft is still flyable, it was a great landing.

Take-offs are always optional. Landings are always mandatory!

Some organizations brag that "We have a 100% perfect record with our aircraft... every aircraft that went up has come back down."

The only thing hard about flying is the ground.

When one engine went out, the guy next to me asked "How far can we go on one engine?" I said "All the way to the scene of the crash and we'll will beat the first responders there by 30 minutes."

PS I love flying (and living to joke about it)!

Re: More Aviation
Christopher, Mon Aug 13 2018, 09:26PM

"All the way to the scene of the crash..."

Now that's some funny stuff.

Re: More Aviation
Socalman, Sat Sep 22 2018, 06:42AM

Remember that it is the propeller on a single engine plane that keeps the pilot cool. Let it stop, and watch the pilot sweat!