Charter Internet Speeds
Gutter Duster, Fri Jul 06 2018, 07:55AM

Does Charter offer or deliver different internet speeds to households? I suddenly been having downloads problems and since I do not have a computer that will accept an “Ethernet” cable. All I can do is a speed test via the Wi-Fi and it’s around
15-20 MBPS. Have unplugged the router and Wi-Fi for 30 sec or so and nothing changed or improved. I have a D-link Wi-Fi that is set at 2.4. Should I change it to the 5.0 mode? Any ideas out there? Thanks

Re: Charter Internet Speeds
SCM ALERT🚨, Fri Jul 06 2018, 10:29AM

Hey Gutter. Based on the download speeds you are getting, I would think that the WIFI is what is holding you back (I thought the minimum package from Charter was 60Mbps but I could be wrong). I think Charter has packages from 60Mbps up to 350Mbps. In any case, your slower speed could be related to your WIFI signal. Even older 2.4Ghz WIFI protocols should be able to get you above 20Mbps so I am wondering if your computer is farther away from your WIFI router?

5Ghz is much faster than 2.4ghz (as long as both the computer and the router support it). It is also shorter range so if you are far away from your router, then switching to 5Ghz could make things worse. If you are not that far from your router then give 5Ghz a try (again as long as both sides support it). I have both 2.4 and 5 at home and I always notice when I connect at 2.4 because my speeds will be 50-100 Mbps and then when I connect on 5Ghz with a decent signal I get 200-300. Do some playing!

Have Fun!

Re: Charter Internet Speeds
Gutter Duster, Fri Jul 06 2018, 12:04PM

Thanks for the info. I’m only about 12-15 feet from the Wi-Fi with no walls or any between us to block. I will google my D-link model and make sure it can be set to 5. I’m pretty sure the Mac Air and IPad can be changed to 5 also.

Re: Charter Internet Speeds
©ammy ⭐, Fri Jul 06 2018, 06:29PM

Ya, I'm getting around 20-22 download and almost 6 upload when I'm on wifi on 2.4. But when I go to 5G, I get around 60 download. Oh, this is on Charter also.

Re: Charter Internet Speeds
Gutter Duster, Fri Jul 27 2018, 06:37AM

Update....I changed out the WiFi router to a dual band 2.4 and 5. It seems that my WiFi thermostat and WiFi printer will not work on the 5 Mbps. So the change. Now I have speeds in the 50’s on the 5. What a difference from the 2.4. Thanks for everyone’s input.

Re: Charter Internet Speeds
SCM ALERT🚨, Fri Jul 27 2018, 11:53AM

Glad the upgrade worked out for you Gutter!