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Oct 29 : 10:00pm
Wud I miss?

Which CDA are you referring to?

Central Delta Academy
Certified Dental Assistant
Child Development Associate
Communicative Disorders Assistant
Coram Deo Academy

..per wiki

Polar 馃寣rbit
Oct 29 : 09:44pm
And to beat a dead horse. CDA is west (yes west) of Onyx pass, but still a bit east of BBL.

Oct 29 : 09:41pm
It was too weird, take into account, the show lag timing from pause and revealing 'their' hand as I was comprehending the chat box text.

Oct 29 : 09:29pm
Doo- that is really strange!! Esp since I have no idea what the local guy saw that made him think there was a body under his house! I was just imagining the hand. CREEPY.

Oct 29 : 09:23pm
I grew up w/DST, leave it alone.

Oct 29 : 09:22pm
OK Boots, I was reading the chat box, I had travel channel on, The Holzer Files (was on after Ghost Adventures, Joe Exotic Zoo special on a near hour pause, to FFWD commercials)...

So, reading about that hand, the show was describing it!
Mind you episode happened in Cleveland, OH.

I was tripping out. Spooky correlation.
"Phantom Hand' is the episode's title.

Polar 馃寣rbit
Oct 29 : 09:01pm
I can understand why the folks on the western edge of mountain time (potato heads) would be happy on standard time. For the same reason, we on the eastern edge of pacific time would like to be on daylight time.

Oct 29 : 08:53pm
Ok, gross, just gross. I know it's Halloween but can you imagine going under your house into the built up storage area and seeing a HAND sticking up out of the soil? OMG.... Call the cops? I'd have run there in record time and reported it in person!

Oct 29 : 08:42pm
McToddy>>>Thanks. That certainly makes more sense.

Oct 29 : 08:03pm
I hope this link and SCM's alert, will steer away all the chatbox posts about DST. [Click Here]

Oct 29 : 08:02pm
As a follow-up to when the Fire Boss crew were in town fighting the El Dorado fire: here's a link to a post on IG that has an animation for how 800G of water is loaded into onboard tanks that are located *inside* the body of the plane. (I incorrectly thought the water was stored in the sponsons.)

[Click Here]

Oct 29 : 06:48pm
Here's the deal with California Daylight Savings Time. We voted to give our legislature control over DST. California wants to STAY on permanent DST. Federal law permits a state to opt into DST or stay on standard time; It does not allow for permanent DST. Before California can pass permanent DST legislation, federal law would have to change. Our legislature expected a congregational vote by now, but with the gridlock... well you know!

Oct 29 : 06:36pm
Reported Vehicle Fire Lower Waterman Cyn: Units Unable To Locate. CANCELLING.
Map, Photos, More Info: [Click Here]

Oct 29 : 06:31pm
Yes please do NOT get me started!

Between 猸愶笍S
Oct 29 : 05:08pm
Yuck鈥攖o both the death 鈽狅笍 investigation and having to change the clocks 馃暟 twice a year.

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