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Anyone here building their own cabin?

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Author Post
Fri Aug 28 2020, 08:42PM

Registered Member #611
Joined: Fri Sep 14 2007, 02:32PM
Posts: 160
We’re building up here. Now yours would be considered a “dream” home. It’s like a beautiful fairy tale.
Ours is really nice with beautiful views but we won’t live in it permanently. It’s too big. My fantasy home would be deep in the forest. A comfortable home for us with lots of wildlife. We’ve had plenty of that but since the invasion of those who just come up to play, the animals have gone back into hiding. We’ll be glad when this chapter moves on to the next so Big Bear has a few peaceful days again. keep posting. It’s fascinating.
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Wed Sep 02 2020, 04:07PM

Registered Member #42113
Joined: Tue Jan 29 2019, 08:25AM
Posts: 292
Thanks! hope your build gets the C.O.O. soon! Be wonderful to be able to spend the holidays in a new cabin that you built yourself!

I started to work on the door area, the posts are 6x12 timbers, and there is a log fletch cut fitted onto the log ends on the left side. Door opening is 40" wide by 7' tall.

Am making the ironwork for the door now, will post pics when done
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Wed Sep 02 2020, 04:19PM

Registered Member #42113
Joined: Tue Jan 29 2019, 08:25AM
Posts: 292
pics of front doorway

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Wed Sep 02 2020, 09:42PM
Registered Member #96814
Joined: Mon Nov 04 2019, 12:17PM
Posts: 23
Can't wait to see the door in place (bet you can't wait too, to at least keep the bears out at night!)
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Thu Sep 03 2020, 09:23AM

Registered Member #13843
Joined: Sun Jan 15 2017, 03:54PM
Posts: 243
Very cool mountainart!
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Wed Sep 30 2020, 02:25PM

Registered Member #42113
Joined: Tue Jan 29 2019, 08:25AM
Posts: 292
Whew! Just finished the front door. It's pretty much done! Just a few latch bits to fine tune. Looks and feels and smells like a real centuries old castle door.

I started with a 3.25 inch thick solid slab cut from a 4 foot diameter sugar pine which grew locally. cut it to 7 feet high, 44 inches wide. Then left the opening edge as living edge and celebrated the natural curvature of the slab, as it cured, and cut/channelled the framework of the side and top sills in the log wall to fit the compound warp of the door itself. This adds to the vibe that the door was pulled off of some antique European Castle.

The metal latches and lock mechanisms all are true working mechanisms, which I designed and cut and assembled together, and will be opened by turning the hanging ring. The lock will operate with an actual custom fitted old skeleton/castle style key. I designed and laser cut all the metalwork, and hinges, and hammered and finished the top bronze looking deco bits. Everything on the door is truly real and functional just like an antique fortress door. The door pull handles are cut from local Ironwood root, and beautifully follow the flow of the deco work around the latch/lock plates.

There is a leaded antique glass Gatekeeper window I made which also opens on brass rod hinges. Overall the door weighs about 300 pounds, with the wood and metal, yet opens and closes with the push of a finger.

I chemically aged, and burned the wood, with mineral and chemical stains, it has a great weathered, and beaten up exterior surface, like it has endured centuries of wear and tear, and possibly an attack or two

Nice, really nice to be able to have the door on, was one of the first finished art piece milestones on the house construction.

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Wed Sep 30 2020, 02:44PM

Registered Member #13568
Joined: Sun Oct 23 2016, 01:54PM
Posts: 1739
What a cool door!

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Wed Sep 30 2020, 02:55PM

Registered Member #42113
Joined: Tue Jan 29 2019, 08:25AM
Posts: 292
simple quick sketch of home, with the bell towers and turrets. There will be a flat roof area surrounded by victorian gothic railing that we will be able to access from the belltower too, kind of like the flat rooftop the admiral shot cannon from in Mary Poppins movie.

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Wed Sep 30 2020, 04:08PM
Registered Member #14463
Joined: Sat Aug 12 2017, 09:45PM
Posts: 2
That door is stunning!! Very nice work , it is such a pleasure to witness true craftsmanship!!

Thank you for sharing this!
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Wed Sep 30 2020, 06:36PM

Lake Arrowhead
Registered Member #13200
Joined: Mon Jul 25 2016, 12:52PM
Posts: 1209
Wow gorgeous

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Oct 21 : 08:09pm
Me too, Sportj. I just received this text. "Your ballot for the 2020 General Election was received and will be counted. Thank you for voting!".

Oct 21 : 07:46pm
I got a text that my ballot was counted! Wahoo! So anyone else who is waiting (after using the drop boxes) it took exactly one week.

Oct 21 : 04:42pm
MtnTeach - the ballot boxes aren’t third party. They are official county elections office drop boxes.

Oct 21 : 04:12pm
Dropped off mines directly at the post office, don't need a 3rd party. Ballottrax worked fine for me!

Oct 21 : 04:09pm
7:30 a.m. Tues - given to mail lady at Crestline Post Office
8:02 a.m. Wed - notified by ballottrax that my ballot had been received by USPS
1:16 p.m. Wed - notified my ballot had been received by SB Registrar of Voters

USPS worked fine!

Humble Daisy
Oct 21 : 03:46pm
I dropped my ballot in the dropbox at the Crestline library a couple of weeks ago, it took about a week for ballot tracker to notify me that my ballot had been received and counted.

Airport Razz
Oct 21 : 03:41pm
Yes, I was so politely informed by the Big Bear Postmaster that putting anything in the box outside is no guarantee it will get processed. They even tried to extend that non-responsibility to the box inside the PO. So basically he was telling me my mail no matter where I put it, will maybe get delivered, depending on how the post office feels that day. Amazing.

Oct 21 : 03:40pm
USFS: Volunteers this past Saturday covered 488 graffiti tags, took out 5 illegal campfire rings and removed 187 pounds of trash along Deep Creek and Hesperia Falls.

The forest partnered with the @MojaveDesertLT and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Great work volunteers! 🤝 [Click Here]

Oct 21 : 03:40pm
Sport, I believe the only couple I asked said 4 days but I'll text them and ask again. All were impressed with the tracking service.

Oct 21 : 03:27pm
I dod, however, use the indoor drop at the Post Office rather than an outside box.

Oct 21 : 03:24pm
Official Absentee ballot instructs us to go to I dropped mine on 10/17, it was received at the SB County registrar on 10/20.

Oct 21 : 03:19pm
Casadelgado - Did they say how long it took for them to show up as received?

Oct 21 : 03:19pm
Dave - ha ha I don't know why I assumed you dropped them off last Monday! Keep me posted if yours is updated any time soon.

Oct 21 : 02:14pm
We have 3 friends who used the drop box at the Library and they all have been received by the tracking. Dropping ours off tomorrow.

Oct 21 : 01:32pm
We mailed our ballots and got confirmation that they are where they need to be

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