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Peter Pan Drive In

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Mon Jul 08 2019, 10:19PM Email Thread Print View
Registered Member #1890
Joined: Thu Aug 06 2009, 10:23PM
Posts: 19
Can anyone tell me exactly where this drive in was vis-a-vis what's there now? I would really appreciate it! Does anyone have any photos? I don't seem to be able to locate anywhere. Thanks,
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Doug G
Wed Jul 10 2019, 01:28PM
Registered Member #1586
Joined: Sat Aug 02 2008, 04:04PM
Posts: 137
The drive-was located in what is now the east end of the airport. We lived on Sierra off Greenway in the 50's. The drive-in would let us kids haul over a sleeping bag and walk-in, and the first row or two of speaker kiosks were pretty much reserved for the small-fry walk-in crowd. I watched a few movies there as a kid.

Doug G
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Wed Jul 10 2019, 06:51PM
Registered Member #48183
Joined: Tue Mar 05 2019, 10:01AM
Posts: 59
This awful, fuzzy picture is alleged to have been taken in 1958. The view is looking south from, roughly, the corner of Greenway and Arbor. The Drive-in screen is right in the middle of the picture.

While it was in operation, the Drive-in was bounded on the north by Meadow Lane, the east by Greenway and the west by Sawmill (long gone -- sucked into the County Airport Black Hole). On the south was a little dirt road connecting Greeway with Sawmill. Further south was a drainage channel, then the Peter Pan swimming pool, Lodge and tennis courts. The drive-in is all gone now, paved over and turned into the taxiway and run-up area for runway 26.

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Wed Jul 10 2019, 08:33PM
Registered Member #1890
Joined: Thu Aug 06 2009, 10:23PM
Posts: 19
Wow! Thank you! I so thankful to have any photo of it!
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Thu Jul 25 2019, 07:38AM

Registered Member #228
Joined: Sun Dec 17 2006, 07:41AM
Posts: 3274
In the early 60's I would grab a blanket and walk down the street with a couple of local residents and we would sneak through a hole in the west fence and watch the movies. One summer we were there so much we saw every weekly showing for about 6 or 7 weeks.
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Apr 01 : 07:29pm
@Polar Orbit - Yeah, I hate it when I accidentally use the wrong homophone.

Apr 01 : 07:10pm
Heli-sking San G too.

Apr 01 : 07:01pm
I have a friend who works for Vail Resorts... and she told me about the merger earlier this week. She also told me night boarding is coming to Bear Mtn WITH MUSIC. They're planning to put speakers on the lift towers. People in Moonridge are going to love that.

Apr 01 : 06:50pm
Hey there! How are you? I am doing great!

Polar Orbit
Apr 01 : 06:49pm
Hey, there are a lot of great cams out there and Benny is key in putting a lot of them out there. The eagle cam has a really good view of the valley. If I win the snowpool, the $ goes to the robot. The true value is the lifetime membership to SCM!

Apr 01 : 06:49pm
FROM THE CITY OF BIG BEAR LAKE: Check out the latest COVID-19 update here: [Click Here] [Click Here]

Apr 01 : 06:31pm
Thank you for the heads up SD Grandma!

Apr 01 : 05:49pm
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Apr 01 : 05:41pm
See Forums Light a candle at 7PM for thanks to health workers ....

Benny ⭐
Apr 01 : 05:29pm
Ok, I'll give him that!

Apr 01 : 05:12pm
In all fairness Benny, Polar did say "One of" the best. We all know it falls a little lower on the list!

Benny ⭐
Apr 01 : 04:47pm
Ah hem! [Click Here]

Polar Orbit
Apr 01 : 04:23pm
It is, however, one of the best weather cameras in the valley.

Polar Orbit
Apr 01 : 04:15pm
Darn finger... "their" not "there"

Polar Orbit
Apr 01 : 04:14pm
Eagle discussion can be found at the link below. It's interesting that the channel island people don't want the BB eagle blither on there website.

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