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[poll] BBMWD - Facilities Workshop & Hatchery Poll

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Author Post
Lumber Jill ⭐
Sun Apr 14 2019, 06:13PM


Joined: Sun Aug 20 2006, 02:53PM
Posts: 9620
Because there is currently an excess does not mean it needs to be spent. It needs to be saved, or used on critical need projects. This state constantly wastes away any excess it gets, then screams for more taxes or rate increases the second things get tight. I for one would like to see the excess returned to the customers, or held in reserve for lean periods. Stocking the lake so that people can go fish them right back out doesn't seem like a good use of my money.

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Sun Apr 14 2019, 06:27PM
Registered Member #1860
Joined: Thu Jun 18 2009, 09:05PM
Posts: 86
Having just watched a hatchery info video, i am wondering if ground water used to raise fish would be sent back in to lake?
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Deb Doodah⭐
Sun Apr 14 2019, 07:37PM

Joined: Sat Oct 14 2006, 01:02PM
Posts: 3792
If they have excess, can they share with the fire department so that we can keep the Sugarloaf station open?

I know it’s not possible, but sure would work well for all
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Sat Apr 20 2019, 12:00PM

Automated Alert Robot

Joined: Wed Dec 26 2007, 08:50PM
Posts: 3054
So it looks like Deluxe Amenities is winning. MWD, any revelations on this and other polls/public input you have been getting?

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Sat Apr 20 2019, 10:07PM

Registered Member #110
Joined: Tue Oct 31 2006, 12:51PM
Posts: 4316
Of course deluxe is "winning". No surprise. Heaven forbid that common sense prevail. Yes, let's hear the spin...

Shut Up and Fish!
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kleines Kanu
Sun Apr 21 2019, 03:26PM
Registered Member #37478
Joined: Tue Jan 01 2019, 01:01PM
Posts: 19
This poll was pretty evenly split. Over on FaceBook the poll was a bit more tilted toward the less fancy option. At the workshop on Friday there was plenty of good input from the public. I think the BBMWD will start working on getting a better idea on pricing as well as what some of the various amenities will be most popular and who should pay for them. The notion of a gift shop or fully staffed store like at the Discovery Center will need a lot of thought. Volunteer workers still will need to be supervised so adding those positions to staffing is no small thing to consider. The BBMWD is very committed to building a facility which will keep fish in the lake and providing a visitor experience which will be affordable and sustainable in the long haul. It might be considered to do things in stages.
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Cap'n Crunch
May 25 : 11:16pm
It's a tossup between Mitch Rapp and Jack Reacher for the best modern-day Paladin.

May 25 : 10:18pm
Tom Clancy is a great writer. Any Vince Flynn fans out there?

May 25 : 10:16pm
"Be careful. Most things in here don't react well to bullets." Yeah-like me.
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Benny ⭐
May 25 : 10:04pm
Duh, a classic! Red October!

May 25 : 09:46pm
One of my favorite movies, after this one ....
“One ping only, please.”

May 25 : 09:12pm
BTW, the 5:52 movie reference was Patriot Games.
No takers...

May 25 : 08:55pm
77 Sunset Strip
Edd Byrnes!

Polar Orbit
May 25 : 08:37pm
Ten points for Charles!

May 25 : 08:10pm
Is Kookie the guy with the comb?

May 25 : 07:58pm
First name: Oreo
Last name: Cookie

Polar Orbit
May 25 : 07:28pm
So Jack ultimately became Jackie, so can Cookie become Kookie, for those of you old enough to remember...

May 25 : 05:51pm
"That's me holding my temper Jimmy Boy."
What's the movie reference?

May 25 : 05:49pm
A BON FIRE in Lake Arrowhead. GET 'EM!
My money says they're VRBO...

May 25 : 05:47pm
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May 25 : 05:12pm
Agree- looked like Simba was saying goodbye!

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