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Whats for dinner? Give us some ideas.

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Wed Feb 20 2019, 08:36AM Email Thread Print View
Registered Member #11892
Joined: Thu Jun 18 2015, 02:46PM
Posts: 293
So,simple as that.Whats for dinner?
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Wed Feb 20 2019, 09:03AM
Registered Member #12154
Joined: Fri Jul 17 2015, 11:25PM
Posts: 48
Navy bean soup
2 bags small white navy beans
5 or 6 carrots, peeled and sliced
1 small onion, peel and cut up
1 ham shank, have butcher cut it in 3 peices
2 stalks celery, sliced up
1/2 green pepper, diced 1/2 inch
1 tsp mustard powder
1 tsp yellow prepared mustard
1 tsp powdered new mexico chili
1 small garlic clove, sliced thin
A few shakes of black pepper
I don't add any salt because the ham shank has plenty
Combine all in a 2 gallon pressure cooker, cook for 20 minutes after the weight starts to rock, let it cool on its own. I like it this way because its about an hour for both prep and cook. All day in the crockpot works well too.

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Wed Feb 20 2019, 10:20AM
Registered Member #11892
Joined: Thu Jun 18 2015, 02:46PM
Posts: 293
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Wed Feb 20 2019, 06:07PM
Registered Member #938
Joined: Mon Oct 22 2007, 09:34AM
Posts: 45
Easiest Chile Verde in the world....tastes amazing:

Cut 1 1/2 lbs of Pork Butt, Shoulder, Chops or strips into 1/2" - 1" chunks. Boil in water until tender. Drain Water and ad 1 cup Herdez Salsa Verde. Simmer for 10 minutes. That's it.... Let me know what you think.

My wife rarely likes my cooking but she loved this. Make for awesome burrito filling.

A huge jug of Herdez is about 6 bucks at Staters. Will make about 8 batches of this stuff.
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Mon Apr 29 2019, 11:55AM
Registered Member #12494
Joined: Sun Sep 27 2015, 11:37AM
Posts: 2
I have recipes on my website. Please help yourselves.

[Click Here]

Now is the time to start enjoying life.
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Deb Doodah⭐
Mon Apr 29 2019, 04:38PM

Joined: Sat Oct 14 2006, 01:02PM
Posts: 3791
I am debating between zoodles with chicken meatballs and taco zucchini lasagna.
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Mon Apr 29 2019, 05:48PM

Registered Member #13568
Joined: Sun Oct 23 2016, 01:54PM
Posts: 1430
Chicken broccoli casserole

Meridian Idaho Weather

[Click Here]

McCall Idaho Weather

[Click Here]
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Tue Apr 30 2019, 07:08AM
Registered Member #39691
Joined: Tue Jan 15 2019, 10:01AM
Posts: 3
spiceguy wrote ...

I have recipes on my website. Please help yourselves.

Hey Spiceguy. Are you at altitude? Your biscuits look awesome, but I don't wanna mess them up.
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Missouri Sunni
May 23 : 02:42pm
Wow. We've just got tornados, hail, heavy rain and floods. Kind of fun to all get in the Big Guy's Mancave and watch the weather channel. Just 60 miles from us the state capital Jefferson City had a really bad tornado and killed 3 people. They are facing another one as I write.

May 23 : 02:23pm
here's a picture from my balcony this morning, up Fawnskin Dr

[Click Here]

May 23 : 11:12am
Very strange driving up the mountain last night in heavy snow. At the end of May. Thank heavens it wasn't sticking.

May 23 : 11:10am
Nevermind! me being gullible again.

May 23 : 10:48am

May 23 : 10:48am
Idyllwild got 5 inches, but in BB, no snow for most. :9(

May 23 : 10:37am
Daffodils were great this year, just gone about a week ago. Planted them in the fall, divided among all kinds of other plants. I think they help keep the gophers away (well, I hope).

Lumber Jill ⭐
May 23 : 10:37am
I stand corrected. Apparently tulips are mildly toxic.

Lumber Jill ⭐
May 23 : 10:33am
Tulips aren't toxic. Daffodils are. I plant them whenever the companies ship them to me. I think it's Oct.

May 23 : 10:29am
IDKnothin for our zone, usually in early to mid October

May 23 : 10:25am
I was thinking more in line with the toxic tulip.

May 23 : 10:24am
(I just discovered Joker is a bulb - hah, I didn’t know)

May 23 : 10:22am
Back to the bulb planting time line ...
In the fall - when would you stick those jokers in the ground?
Anyone ??

May 23 : 08:22am
Polar Orbit.... that system is ongoing maintenance.. Its coming back as a timelapse and firewatch system in the coming weeks. Please ignore that error. Thanks!

May 23 : 07:53am
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