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Officials Seek Help in Identifying Creek Fire Suspects

Author Post
Mtngoat John⭐
Wed Sep 12 2018, 12:50PM Email Thread Print View

Joined: Sun Oct 26 2008, 05:33PM
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SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — Officials with San Bernardino National Forest are asking for the public’s help in identifying a suspect or suspects involved in starting the Creek Fire. The 33-acre fire was first reported at 12:12 p.m. on Saturday, June 30, in the San Bernardino Mountains between the communities of Highland and Running Springs. It was started off U.S. Forest Service Road 1N09 (locally said with the letter “O”), a few miles east of Highway 330.

Forest Service law enforcement officers are seeking any possible witnesses to the fire. “While we spoke to a number of people recreating in the area, we’re still seeking more information,” said Sonny St. John, patrol captain for San Bernardino National Forest. “If someone has heard anyone talking about the fire or know of individuals that frequent 1N09, we would like to speak to them.”

Anyone with information can leave a message at 909-382-2737.

Forest Service Road 1N09 includes areas for recreational target shooting. Due to fire concern, however, target shooting is currently limited to ranges operating under a special use permit. All current fire restrictions are listed under Forest Order 12-18-08.

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Thu Sep 13 2018, 12:40AM

Registered Member #43
Joined: Sat Oct 14 2006, 02:08PM
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Wow....are there any updates here?
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Jul 15 : 06:35pm
TYPE: FIRE TYPE UNKNOWN AREA: TWIN PEAKS PINE TRL / FOREST GLEN RD - TPK X >ME26,ME94,FEDCOM,CALCOM,BC131 ~OAT/LON:34239318 /117249900 [1] %Z?90,[2] WPH2 LAT:34.23747000 LON:-117.249430 METERS:8 - [3] A cellular re-bid has occurred - check the ANI - ALI Viewer?for details - [4] SMOKE SEEN IN AREA - [5] Paging Groups Notified:USFS - AUTO-NOTIF - [6] Paging Groups Notified:_ALFIRE AUTO-NOTIF - [7] UNITS: ME26 ME94 FEDCOM CALCOM BC131 ~OAT/LON:34239318 /117249900 [1] WPH2 LAT:34.23773800 LON:-117.249430 METERS:22 %Z?90 [2] WPH
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Jul 15 : 06:08pm
Thanks Benny. Sounds like I will be getting same plan as your mom Except I have Allstate vs Farmers for theft. I checked Travelers and Farmers and recently AAA and best rate for me is w Allstate

Cap'n Crunch
Jul 15 : 05:29pm
Thanks QuietOne. The notice doesn't have a location map, but says the work is near RS at mile post 37 and 39 wherever that is.

Just Thinkin'
Jul 15 : 05:10pm
Thank You QuietOne, for ADVANCE notice about the upcoming full closure of Hwy 330! CalTrans rarely provides such a long-range heads-up.

Benny ⭐
Jul 15 : 04:58pm
I know my mom has CFP(California Fair Plan) for the fire portion of insurance for her cabin, then Farmers for theft. But it sounds like there's a difference if your on a dirt rd., vs not. I think Traveler's is still covering up here, I know people who do still have them. It's pretty confusing.

Jul 15 : 04:10pm
thanks, i get caltrans alerts but got NOTHING about this
Appreciate your heads up:)

Jul 15 : 03:35pm
I talked with a AAA agent and they off policy through American Securities for $2278 vs my old Foremost policy of $850. I have found much cheaper plans through the use of the Fair Plan coupled with a standard insurance company such as Allstate.

Jul 15 : 03:15pm
FYI, according to Press Release from CalTrans, Hwy 330 will be fully closed from Sept. 9 through Sept. 23 for rock fall barrier construction. [Click Here]

Jul 15 : 03:15pm
EvaJ did your parents great a straight policy with AAA or did they also require a Fair plan policy?

Jul 15 : 03:04pm
We had them for ten years

Jul 15 : 03:03pm
Foremost is subsidiary of Farmers.

Jul 15 : 02:47pm
gah, popped = papa

Jul 15 : 02:45pm
Is that popped that just brought the fish to Simba? Asking because again Simba is being aggressive and saying MINE!

Jul 15 : 02:43pm
Also, my Mom says Foremost is owned by AAA and the person that wrote their new policy was surprised Foremost was declining coverage up here.

Jul 15 : 02:26pm
I remember there was some previous discussion about insurance in Big Bear. My parents got a non-renewal notice for their place today from a company named "Foremost". They were able to get a policy with AAA. They said it's more expensive ($1061 versus $1995) but they were happy to find it.

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