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Propane to Natural gas

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Thu Aug 09 2018, 04:26PM Email Thread Print View
Registered Member #14302
Joined: Mon Jul 03 2017, 06:57PM
Posts: 1
Has anyone switched to natural gas with Southwest gas in Erwin Lake. What was the cost/procedure to install a meter and plumb back to the existing propane stub?
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Thu Aug 09 2018, 07:10PM
Registered Member #905
Joined: Fri Oct 05 2007, 10:18AM
Posts: 1915
There may also have to be modifications to existing users of propane...such as a gas range/oven.

To every man is given the key to the gates of heaven; the same key opens the gates of hell.
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Thu Aug 09 2018, 08:16PM

Registered Member #2069
Joined: Mon Feb 08 2010, 05:57PM
Posts: 442
I couldn't tell you about cost. When I did it, Southwest gas was converting the whole neighborhood in Erwin Lake, so they dug the trench from the main line in the street to the house for no charge, and provided the meter at no charge. They will likely charge you a fee for that now.

I did have to get a building permit for the conversion, build an approved shelter for the meter, and have adjustments made and/or adapters put on the wall heater, stove, and water heater.

The meter has to be near the front of the house. Mine went on the side, 3 feet from the front corner. My propane tank was in the backyard, so the natural gas had to be run into the house from a different location.Making that change and sealing the pipe where the propane tank entered the house was the easiest part. The kitchen was a few feet away from the meter, so a line from the meter to the stove was added; the line tapped into the house from there.

I understand it is quite expensive now.
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Polar Orbit
Thu Aug 09 2018, 08:51PM
Registered Member #14051
Joined: Thu Mar 16 2017, 06:32PM
Posts: 89
All appliances will have to be rejetted. Propane has more energy than NG. You could do it yourself, but it will void all warranties and probably your insurance.
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Airport Razz
Fri Aug 10 2018, 08:44AM
Registered Member #7434
Joined: Tue Feb 12 2013, 10:07PM
Posts: 218
Call the gas company to have them come out and give you a bid first on connecting to the main lines. Depending on where the line ends you could end up having to install a trunk line down the street to your property, all depends where they can tap off from. Then plumber will need to come in and convert appliances or get them replaced. BTW all this will require county permit. Good luck, last one I was involved with was in sugarloaf and they were looking at close to 15K but had to run a trunk line over 300 ft and no neighbors wanted to join the party to spread the cost down. They decided to stay propane for a few more years.
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Fri Aug 10 2018, 11:31AM

Registered Member #2069
Joined: Mon Feb 08 2010, 05:57PM
Posts: 442
I was looking at about 13K, 15 years ago. That was to have natural gas installed where I now live. A run of 330 feet. I'm still on propane.

Most of Erwin, you're looking at a run of maybe 50 feet, to the line in the street, if yours is in the neighborhood they upgraded about 18 years ago.
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Sep 21 : 06:31pm
More Info: Click Here
Live Scanner: Click Here

Benny (N6BWX)
Sep 21 : 05:36pm
Looks like a great topic for the forum, a lot of good discussion here, sad to see it all scroll off....

Sep 21 : 05:19pm
Between Stars: 🤣

Sep 21 : 05:03pm
There is a BVES "de-energization" plan meeting Sept 25 atet e Best Western.. will inform you what will happen during a wildfire. You may get your other questions answered too.

Between Stars
Sep 21 : 01:24pm
Nice weather we are having.

Sep 21 : 01:14pm
JT, i will do my best to pass this along. I agree. BVES is not really "with the times" when it comes to informing its customers of outages. I know SCE has a LIVE outage map and will send you numerous fliers and emails letting you know there will be a planned outage. I know BVES follows SCE standards for a lot of their planning work and hopefully SCE's approach with outages will rub off on BVES as well.

Just Thinkin'
Sep 21 : 01:11pm
Hey ButlerPeak-- your information is appreciated. I think that BVES' biggest problem is the lack of communication with BB Valley residents. And while I see efforts to improve communication (ie: the meetings regarding emergency de-energizing), there is much more they could do. For instance, in August there were scheduled outages. Residents were not well informed; an alert was posted to BVES' Facebook page but...come many of us check BVES' Facebook page every day? If you have connections with the company's administration, tell them they need to do a better job keeping residents informed of ALL developments -- planned or otherwise. Alerts and announcements should be immediately posted to KBHR, The Grizzly, and If they continue to "leave us in the dark" so to speak, this will only fuel further rumors and greater hostility. Please relay this to the decision makers at BVES. Thanks!

Sep 21 : 12:49pm
The company has to follow the agreement with the City or they will be in violation and will receive numerous citations. They will comply.

Like i said the businesses probably didn't pay for it. Im 90% sure the city did. So this is a moot point. However, from my experiences the businesses will gladly pay for Utility poles to be removed to increase their "curb appeal" in hopes that more customers will come to their store. They dont generally need to raise their prices to cover the cost because the "curb appeal" does work and their buisness goes up due to higher customer volume and not price increases.

Like i said it is what it is. I understand that it was a HUGE pain in the butt for the locals, but in the end it is a solid improvement for BVES that should reduce outages and increase the reliability of the overall grid.

Airport Razz
Sep 21 : 12:40pm
Living in a fantasy world if you really think that if a business upgrades their store front that they aren't going to pass that cost onto their customers. Happens every bloody day in our economy. Or as the politicians like to call it, TAX INCREASE. And what happens when the company that needs to to the boring says its now too expensive and thumbs their nose at local government, like they already have? We will still have poles. Just another broken promise. BPF not blaming you or BVES (other than the mess with generator and our ridiculous rates) but end of the day, the money still has to come from somewhere and it aint coming out of Jerry's pocket. Rose colored glasses doesn't do anyone any good.

Sep 21 : 12:08pm
Here is an explanation

[Click Here]

Sep 21 : 12:07pm
Yes that is correct. Its called a "moratorium". Directional Boring does not involve digging up the street. Its much more expensive and is used in instances like these.

Sep 21 : 12:03pm
After the last round of undergrounding work, i thought nobody would be allowed to dig up the boulevard for five years?!

Sep 21 : 11:58am
I'm not trying to be the bad guy here I just want to make sure everyone understands the whole picture. I work for an outside contractor and do alot of the engineering work for various power companies. BVES is one of them. I did not plan the job on BB Blvd, but i understand the process from an insider's point of view.

Sep 21 : 11:56am
Comm/CATV are scheduled to go underground VIA directional boring which should have a minimal impact. BVES had an original plan to include CATV/COMM alongside their Underground project, but those companies refused the proposal and opted to go a different route (directional boring). They are required to go underground and should do so within the next year.

Sep 21 : 11:52am
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