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Bluff Lake Reserve

Author Post
Desert Way Jay
Sat Jun 30 2018, 07:10PM Email Thread Print View

Registered Member #14082
Joined: Tue Mar 28 2017, 02:45PM
Posts: 22
Have you been to Bluff Lake near Big Bear and wondered about its unique history? [Click Here]

Go tell it on the mountain.
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Around The Lake
Mon Jul 02 2018, 09:47PM

There is no such thing as a nobody as everyone touches someone's life
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Joined: Mon Sep 25 2006, 10:38PM
Posts: 4216
A little sad as the YMCA was there for over 50 years and not even mentioned in the story except for a photograph from 1800s They built the camp and developed the lake. If it was not for their passion for the property it woul not be there today.

Todd C
A Smile Goes A Long Way To Making Somebodys Day Great
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Sat Aug 18 2018, 02:23PM

Registered Member #97
Joined: Sun Oct 29 2006, 04:32PM
Posts: 901
We love going to Bluff Lake and the Lodgepole Pine.... particularly when we have young children visiting. You can go out on an adventure that is very interesting for all ages and the children can handle it due to the short hike involved. We've parked at the place that has you going to the Lodgepole Pine first, then the lake.... and recently we parked at the opposite end of the lake than we usually see, and walked around the whole lake. You can see the very old cabins.... the public wasn't allowed to do the whole lake walk until a couple of years ago. We like to go in late spring/early summer the most so the lake is fairly full and the meadow by the Lodgepole is green. Fun to see tadpoles and polywogs in June last year... And we go in the morning.... there by 9 or 10 AM. Fun!
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Mtngoat John⭐
Sat Aug 18 2018, 04:32PM

Joined: Sun Oct 26 2008, 05:33PM
Posts: 5341
Juliann wrote ...

the meadow by the Lodgepole is green.

You're right it is green and gorgeous.

nothing in life is free, it ain't about easy it's about tough

"We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible" Vince Lombardi

"Faith is not about everything turning out OK;
Faith is about being OK no matter how things turn out."
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Skyline Drive
Tue Apr 23 2019, 08:34AM

Registered Member #191
Joined: Tue Dec 05 2006, 06:43AM
Posts: 2627
Mtngoat John⭐ wrote ...

Juliann wrote ...

the meadow by the Lodgepole is green.

You're right it is green and gorgeous.

I bet thats all under water, the lake must look big and great this spring

Indian test pattern avatar makes snowflakes melt in to your cereal
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Tue Apr 23 2019, 12:59PM

wanna be UTH
Registered Member #4616
Joined: Sat Jul 28 2012, 04:37PM
Posts: 2239
I remember 2 winter YMCA-Indian Guides trips to Bluff Lake with my dad. I was probably in 3rd and 4th grade (1973).

A smile is a curve that can set things a lot of things straight
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Missouri Sunni
May 23 : 02:42pm
Wow. We've just got tornados, hail, heavy rain and floods. Kind of fun to all get in the Big Guy's Mancave and watch the weather channel. Just 60 miles from us the state capital Jefferson City had a really bad tornado and killed 3 people. They are facing another one as I write.

May 23 : 02:23pm
here's a picture from my balcony this morning, up Fawnskin Dr

[Click Here]

May 23 : 11:12am
Very strange driving up the mountain last night in heavy snow. At the end of May. Thank heavens it wasn't sticking.

May 23 : 11:10am
Nevermind! me being gullible again.

May 23 : 10:48am

May 23 : 10:48am
Idyllwild got 5 inches, but in BB, no snow for most. :9(

May 23 : 10:37am
Daffodils were great this year, just gone about a week ago. Planted them in the fall, divided among all kinds of other plants. I think they help keep the gophers away (well, I hope).

Lumber Jill ⭐
May 23 : 10:37am
I stand corrected. Apparently tulips are mildly toxic.

Lumber Jill ⭐
May 23 : 10:33am
Tulips aren't toxic. Daffodils are. I plant them whenever the companies ship them to me. I think it's Oct.

May 23 : 10:29am
IDKnothin for our zone, usually in early to mid October

May 23 : 10:25am
I was thinking more in line with the toxic tulip.

May 23 : 10:24am
(I just discovered Joker is a bulb - hah, I didn’t know)

May 23 : 10:22am
Back to the bulb planting time line ...
In the fall - when would you stick those jokers in the ground?
Anyone ??

May 23 : 08:22am
Polar Orbit.... that system is ongoing maintenance.. Its coming back as a timelapse and firewatch system in the coming weeks. Please ignore that error. Thanks!

May 23 : 07:53am
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